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<span style="vertical-align: inherit;"><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">The Half Sovereign is a British half pound sterling gold coin, first issued in 1817 during the reign of George III. Weighing approximately 3.99 grams, its composition varies from 22 carat gold. The design, with the current portrait of the monarch, evolves with each reign. Although regularly issued until 1937, it was suspended and then reintroduced on special occasions. Half-sovereigns have numismatic value, influenced by state of conservation and rarity.</span></span>

The Half Sovereign is a British gold coin that was first minted in 1817, during the reign of King George III. This is a half pound sterling coin in face value. The design of the coin has undergone several changes over the years to reflect the different British monarchs. Here is some general information about the half-sovereign:

  • Face value:  The face value of the half sovereign is half a pound sterling. However, the actual value of the coin depends on various factors such as its state of preservation, rarity and demand in the collectors' market.
  • Weight and Composition:  Weight and composition specifications have varied over time. The first issues were in 22 carat gold, weighing approximately 3.99 grams.
  • Motif and Design:  The coin's motif typically features the current portrait of the monarch, surrounded by various royal symbols. The designs were changed for each successive ruler.
  • History:  The half sovereign was issued regularly until 1937, then was suspended for a time. Subsequent broadcasts took place at specific times, notably as part of collector's sets or commemorations.
  • Numismatic Value:  Due to their history and historical character, half sovereigns can have significant numismatic value, especially if they are in a high state of preservation or if they are rare editions.
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